Privacy policy of QUICKIP雲加速:

  1. Our Virtual Private Network provides private and secure data transmission.
    • We do not collect any information about the website you visit when you are using our service and we do not collect any data stored on your device. Do not use our service on illeagal purpose. We may collect and disclose personal information including your usage data to govermental authorities or law enforcement agencies at their request to a court order.

  2. We collect your personal information for following purpose:
    1. Identify when using our services.
    2. Used as customer service, security, fraud detection, archiving and backup purposes when we provide our service.
    3. Help us develop new services enhancing existing service.

  3. Your Rights
    • Inquiries and requests for access at any time.
    • Request at any time to add or correct.
    • Request at any time to remove.
    • Request to stop computer processing and use.
    • Complaint rights. If you any doubt about our protection on your privacy, please contact us.

  4. Terms of Support:
    1. Support Boundaries: QUICKIP雲加速, provides 24 x 7 technical support to our subscribers (except for few holidays and short company meetings when we close our center.) We limit our technical support to our area of expertise.
    2. Support Guidelines: QUICKIP雲加速 provides support related to your server. QUICKIP雲加速 does not provide technical support for YOUR customers. If you can email, we encourage you to email for assistance. If you are able to get online and have other questions, the answers may be on our web site - we encourage you to check there first. Lastly, the Help files in the program you are using may have the answer to your question so please do investigate these resources before calling tech support.

  5. QUICKIP雲加速 shall have the right to terminate all service set forth in this Agreement.
    Violation acts: subscribers are not allowed to get involved in illegal acts by employing the resources and services from QUICKIP雲加速, the acts include:
    1. Intrude national affairs, national defense construction, computer information system of sophisticated science and technology field.
    2. Deliberately create and spread computer viruses and other devastating procedures to attack computer system and communication network, result in the crash.
    3. Make, duplicate, publish and spread illegal internet publication such as "private server" or "plug-in".
    4. Organize heresy activities by internet;
    5. Fabricate or distort the facts, spread rumors, disturb social order or violate others ‘legal interest by internet.
    6. Build obscene and erotic websites and webpages, offer obscene website linkages, spread pornographic information, organize obscenity by internet.
    7. Allure or introduce people to be prostitute by internet.
    8. Defraud by internet.
    9. Gamble by internet.
    10. Traffic guns, powders, drugs, prohibited goods and controlled knives by internet.
    11. Traffic ID cards, counterfeit currency, fake invoice, false testimony and organize people to traffic organs by internet.